Enforcer III


Heavy Duty Forklift Sweeper

The Enforcer III models are heavy duty sweepers that contain a triple stack of magnetic blocks for extra lifting power. The units are constructed of heavy gauge steel and thick aluminum housing that protects the internal magnets. The attractive blue tubular housing measures 4″ x 6″ and the sweepers are available in two different lengths.Both models can be attached to almost any forklift within one minute.

• Contains 2.6″ thick C8 magnets for maximum lifting power.

• Strong grade 8 permanent magnets do not wear out and cost nothing to operate.

• Lifts nails up to 5″ from surface.

• Mounts easily to almost any forklift – 9″ wide fork pockets.

• Quick release system dumps load in seconds.

• One year warranty!

The Enforcer II is constructed with attractive blue anodized aluminum frame and heavy gauge powder coated steel. Simply clamp the unit to your forklift and grab large amounts of tire damaging steel quickly. When the unit is full; push down on levers for quick release of the load.

Great for parking lots, roads, landfills, driveways, roads and recycling centers.

*The Enforcer III is a magnetic sweeper designed for removal of debris from worksites-it is NOT intended to be used for handling heavy scrap material!

Enforcer III
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